Astro Camera Hevelianum

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  • Phone: (58) 300 08 42 ext. 50
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  • Name: Magdalena Więcek-Olszewska 


"Hevelianum is a place where you can meet science and history. It is also an ideal space for spending free time in a pleasant way, walking among the historic architecture and relaxing in the green surroundings. After the visit, the acquired knowledge and memories of having a good time remain. You can discover not only the offer of Hevelianum, but also the location itself - a hill in the center of Gdańsk, which offers great views and the possibility of outdoor recreation.
From January 2022, there is also a seaside branch of Hevelianum - Dom Zdrojowy in Brzeźno, a place of ecological education."

Relevant Categories

  • Deep Space Objects (Star Clusters, Galaxies, Nebulae, etc)
  • Solar System Objects (Planets, Moon, Comets, Meteors, Eclipses, Object Transits, etc)
  • Astrolandscape (Landscape elements with astronomic objects e.g. astronomic object rising and setting, moving of the celestial sphere, etc)


  • Deadline May 27 2022
  • Opens Jan 28 2022


  • Deep Sky: 2.000zł, 1.000zł, 500zł.
  • Solar System: 1.000zł, 700zł, 500zł.
  • Astrolandscape: 1.500zł, 1.000zł, 500zł.
  • AstroCamera statuettes are given to each category winners