Mont Photo International Nature Photography Contest

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Relevant Categories

  • Art in Nature (Creative compositions or abstractions based in the nature environment)
  • Landscape


  • Photos consisting of multiple exposures are allowed provided they have been taken in the same sequence, place, and time.
  • Modifications such as distortion and dimensions or perspective transformation are not allowed.
  • Excessive global or partial processing values are not allowed.
  • Alteration or modification of pixels in specific areas of the image [removing, cloning, manipulation] are not allowed.


  • Deadline May 30 2022
  • Application fee 25€


  • Grand Prize: 2.000€
  • 1st Places: 500€
  • 2nd Places: 300€.
  • All winners will receive a dipolma, copy of Inspired by Nature book, Awards Ceremony invite, and 1 night stay in dbl rm with included breakfast