Flickr Your Best Shot 2020 - Winner

18,000 Entries. 10 Winners. 

Each judge picked 10 of their favorite images, and then battled it out to select the final winning 10.


Flickr Your Best Shot 2020 Logo Photo by Adam R T


Watch the Winner Announcement on Youtube. Streamed Live on January 19th, 2021.


 J K Lovelace was announced as the 10th and final winner of this annual competition with his image Luna Dunes:

Here is some of what the judges had to say about Luna Dunes:


Headshot of Alastair Jolly

"This one was one of my selections...As soon as I saw it, I could not keep my eyes off it...I looked long and hard at this image...trying to find something wrong with it...but it's just beautifully, beautifully done. The textures, the patterns, the angles, the simplicity and yet the mood--I just absolutely love this, and this is the type of image I could stare at all day long." -Alastair Jolly, Global Brand Manager and Head Ambassador Relations at SmugMug and Flickr


Headshot of Gavin Hardcastle

"I like the simplicity...when you're taking pictures of landscapes, simplicity is not that easy to find...[Luna Dunes] has a lovely balance of negative space on the right and...I also love the subtlety of the first glance you think all that you can see is the sliver but you look closer and you can just see the outline of the whole thing...The colors are muted...which pulls your eye a little bit more towards the composition--which to me is always the most important thing with any kind of photography. It's just beautiful, absolutely beautiful." -Gavin Hardcastle aka Fototripper, Fine Art Photographer, Writer, and Instructor.


headshot of Darren LoPrinzi

"I love it...[it has] so much depth to it even though it's simple. I love the smooth areas versus the textured areas and the highlit versus the's just a really stunning shot and [it could be] iconic." -Darren LoPrinzi, Photographer


headshot of Laura Zalenga

"It all just fits together so well." -Laura Zalenga, Conceptual Self-Portrait Photographer




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