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Category Winner of Royal Museum Greenwich's Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021 and Winner of Flickr's Your Best Shot 2020 with his stunner Luna Dunes: 

Luna Dunes




J K Lovelace is obsessed with landscape and deep sky photography. In his own words:

Silhouette of Jeff at Tenaya Lake

When people ask, “What do you do?” I answer, “I travel to remote locations where I stand alone in the dark.” Those who pass this test will continue to talk to me. If they back away slowly, or sometimes abruptly, that’s my excuse to slip away. I grab my coat, climb into my four-wheel drive packed with photographic gear, and search out a spot of quiet beauty to do some nighttime photography.

I am obsessed with capturing images of the vast universe as our tiny, beautiful planet swirls along like a bubble in the ocean. By daylight I shoot the most extraordinary landscapes I can find. When the night sky reveals itself, and sane people head back indoors, I remain among the mosquitos and coyotes to aim my cameras and telescopes upward. So, that’s where you’ll find me: tending to my equipment beneath a 180° wide window on galaxies, nebulas, and billions upon billions of distant suns; happily standing alone, yet never alone, in the dark.




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