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If you've liked my astronomy work thus far, you now have an opportunity to share it in small format and send it in the mail. 


Background Image Designed By yeven_popov

New astronomy postcards featuring my work are now available for purchase on and in-store at Slice of Light Gallery, 9 W Figueroa St, Santa Barbara, California 93101


Background Image Designed By yeven_popov

Each 5" x 7" postcard comes with it's own envelope. The Gallery also offers framed postcards for sale in-store.

  • 6-Color press-printed
  • Bamboo 150 gsm paper (really thick)
  • Ready for your postage stamp and written message
  • Front features full-bleed astronomy object
  • Back features concise and digestible details pertaining to the astronomy object.

Information written about the astronomical object is designed for those who desire to learn more about astronomy but have little to no experience in the field: 



    $5.99 for unframed postcards

    $14.99 for framed postcards


    Astronomy objects available in postcard format:

    1. SH 2-134 - 135 and Barnard 169 to 174 Clouds of Light and Darkness


    2. SH 2-216 - 221 Birth, Balance, Death

    3. 6+ degrees of northern Cygnus Huge and Mighty Forms

    4. LBN 587 In a Dragon's Eye

    5. LDN 1622 - vdB 62 - The Bogeyman Elmo's Ghost

    6. SH 2-240 - Simeis 147 Web of Wisps

    7. IC 1848 - The Soul Nebula Seat of the Soul

    8. Nebulas LBN 782 and Barnard 7

    9. Cometary Globule 4 (CG4)

    10. M33: The Triangulum Galaxy

    11. DWB 111 & DWB 119 - The Propeller Nebula - section of the Cygnus X star forming region DWB 111 / Double Helix

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