International Photography Awards 2023 Results

The results for this year's International Photo Awards Are In:

  1. Aqua Vela and Birth, Balance, Death have won "Honorable Mention" in the category "Professional: Nature, Astrophotography"

  2. Cosmic Marbles and Clouds of Light and Darkness have won "Official Selection" for the category "Professional: Nature, Astrophotography"

  3. Luna Dunes has won "Official Selection" in the category "Professional: Fine Art, Landscape"

  4. Three Pebbles and Wawaloli have won "Official Selection" for the category "Professional: Nature, Sunrise/Sunset"

  5. The Red of Night has won "Official Selection" for the category "Professional: Special, Night Photography".


"Official Selection" means the image has made it to the final round of jury voting. "Honorable Mention" is a step higher than Official Selection, right below the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the competition. 


Other honorable mentions alongside J K Lovelace in the category "Professional: Nature, Astrophotography" include Bleron Caka, Dimitrios Zacharopoulos, Zixiong Jin, Zhengjie Wu, Yuan Ji, Jakob Arthur Andersen, Mitsunori Yuasa, Jason Marino, Spyridon Gennatas, Gary Lopez, Ramon Morcillo, and Francesca Ritchey(See below). 

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of "Professional: Nature, Astrophotography" are Jakob Arthur Andersen, Sun Haoran, and Dai Jianfeng (See below). 


A bit about the judging process (from the ipa website): 

"The official done over several weeks...The jury rates each entry from 10-100 (10 being the lowest). are selected based on the overall score...The identity of all photographers are hidden from the jury to ensure and impartial and unbiased voting process...IPA asks each judge to review the images based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, excellence of execution, and overall impact, as well as relevance to the specific category."

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