New Print Format - Posters

...Speaking of new print formats, my astrophotography is now available as posters as well!

For now, just a couple images are available in poster format. I chose two rarely photographed objects that I have successfully captured.

New astronomy posters featuring my work are now available for purchase through and in-store at Slice of Light Gallery, 9 W. Figueroa St., Santa Barbara, California 93101.

Each poster comes with an adhesive 4" x 6" description label that can be displayed in conjunction with the poster. These posters come in standard sizes and are ideal for framing:

  • 18" x 24" and 16" x 20" Standard poster sizes (perfect for framing)
  • Matte finish
  • Poster features concise details on the astronomical image.

Information written about the astronomical object includes it's celestial coordinates, imaging telescope and camera, integration time, and field radius:


$29.99 per poster

Astronomy objects available in poster format:

1. Sivan 2 (Siv 2)18" x 24"


2. Sivan 5 & 6 Seadog Nebula 16" x 20"


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